Hi, I’m Gabrielle Simmons

I did one deal and became addicted.

This real estate journey has taken me from newbie to controlling 7 doors and about HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in assignment fees within 2021.

I was an over-the-road truck driver when I took an interest in wholesaling and owning rental property. I knew nothing about real estate; so I studied books, podcasts, and mentor programs. A few months later I did my first wholesale deal...& then another right after; all with zero dollars spent on marketing!! I'll teach you how later ;)

The wealth building opportunities that are unlocked through wholesaling real estate are why I am so passionate about teaching others how to master this business! Within a few short years, I went from living paycheck-to-paycheck to living off of passive income by utilizing what I mastered in wholesaling, creative finance and arbitrage to buy deals and control properties with little money out of my own pocket.

I strive to see all of my students build a successful business knowing they have the tools needed to not only start a real estate investment career but excel in it!

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"Girl, you can tell us to do whatever and we will do it! Lol. We want to follow in your footsteps..."

- Johnna


Yes, you can wholesale deals right off the MLS! Or better yet, you can wholesale a deal to yourself, renovate it, refinance it, pull out profits and keep it as a cash flowing rental!

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Nothing like a free lead to a great deal!

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