Access to Sites Commonly Used

Below are descriptions and links to some of the most important websites we will be using during this course:

Batch Service: an all-in-one platform for building lists, skip tracing, and running comps to determine ARV. Batch offers built in dialer and text options as well! This is the platform that I recommend the most and throughout the course, we have personalized training videos!
-Recommended for EVERYONE
Get started with a free trial and 1000 free leads here:

Loom: an easy-to-use site to record your screen for sharing (both web and mobile) with lots of features and editing tools.
-Recommended for EVERYONE, especially if you want to show potential buyers how you ran comps for their feedback and assistance in training. This is also a great tool for recording your process so it's easier to scale up/train your team as you expand.
Get started with a free trial here:

Launch Control: my go-to texting system that has helped me land dozens of deals! Using this site is great for SMS blasting in any market!
-Recommended for BEGINNER & PRO wholesalers, this tool is an excellent way to reach thousands of people every day with ease!
Get started today:

Propstream: the best way to see recently sold homes, run comps, lookup homeowner info and create analysis reports all in one place!
-Recommended for anyone not using BatchService, whether you do or dont have MLS access!
Get your 7 day free trial here:

It is recommended that you sign up for BatchService now and begin your trial, if you don't already have an account. That way you can follow along in your account while you learn how to target motivated sellers, skip tracing and built in communication methods throughout the course.

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